Spring is Near

I’m on a three-day weekend due to spring break at university so I decided to start work on the tragic garden off to the side the house.

Two years ago I filed the beds with good soil and mixed it into the existing sandy soil. That year my vegetable garden did rather well, but last year it produced practically nothing. This is because the sandy soil acts like quicksand and the newer, heavier soil sinks to the bottom.

This year I decided to construct raised beds so that I can fill them with good soil. I managed to construct one bed so far. It’s 4′ x 4′, which will allow for a second one of the same size to be placed beside it. The third bed will probably be 4′ x 6′ and be placed across the walk from the smaller ones.

Constructing a raised bed is very simple. Preferably you would want to use cedar planks, but because of budgetary concerns I went with pine. Don’t use treated lumber because the chemicals will leach into the soil and contaminate your vegetables.



Measure the area of the bed and remove a few inches of soil so the frame sits down inside. If you want you can lay down landscaping cloth to prevent weeds from growing up, as well if you attach wire to the bottom of the frame it will keep out moles. I decided to forego these options.




This 4′ x 4′ raised bed took 9 bags of soil. I used 6 bags of topsoil, 2 bags of organic compost and 1 large bag of Peat Moss.

I finished the raised bed by placing copper painted finials on all four corners to add interest. Two more beds to go!

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