An Amazing House

1210 North Main Street

As promised here are photographs of the wonderful Victorian house Melissa and I strolled through. I want this home! It needs love and care, but it’s not too far gone yet. The previous owner skipped out-of-town under dubious circumstances. Now this gem sits and rots. It’s been foreclosed on and as far as I know isn’t currently for sale. I think it may be in legal limbo.

According to Zillow it is valued around $270,800, which is outside my range, but who knows what will happen once it is offered. There is a large surplus of homes for sale around here and quite a few with amazing prices.  Back home in Savannah, the Royster House would be a minimum of $500, 000. There is another Victorian across the street. It’s nowhere near as well maintained or as nice, but it has amazing potential and it is offered at $75, 000. This is just one example of an incredible deal you can find here.

Anyhow, there are quite a few photographs so I organised them into a slide show instead of posting them down an endless page. The pictures aren’t the best because there is no power on in-house and some sections were darker than others. Enjoy… and dream!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

UPDATE: 9 June 2013: This house is now being offered for $128,200!

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