Melancholy Day

A friend passed away at 3:15 this morning. She was battling cancer for a couple of years. She won the first battle and was cancer free for a little over a year, but it came back extra strong and took her this time. Her suffering is over, which is a good thing.

In other news… The garden is doing so so. I think next year I am going to switch to ornamentals because I don’t think I get enough sun light for vegetables to grow. The sugar snaps are doing fine, but the lettuce is about the same size it was when I planted them over a month ago. I lost the broccoli and spinach to some type of insect.

The herb garden is doing alright and everything seems to be growing, if a little slowly. I had to make the herb garden do double duty for some other plants we started in the AeroGarden. I believe we may had left them too long in the AeroGarden because the carrots are leggy as are the beets. We can hope for the best.

I really need to get those sticks and branches cleared out from behind… it looks awful. I was able to remove some of it, but I ran out of space in the yard waste container. It will have to wait until the next pick-up day.

Once the area is cleared out I hope to plant shade loving wild flower seeds. The rest of the area around the raised  bed will get a layer of cypress mulch. However, I can’t do this until shore up the retaining wall with those small planks of cedar wood (left). The ground is slowly shifting downwards to the next level through the rotted wood planking.

The Asiatic Lily (right) is doing rather well! Though they are quite common they are one of my favorite  flowers. They are so prolific and come in a huge variety of colors. If I do switch to a solely ornamental garden next year I will devote an entire bed to the Asiatic Lily.

I have other garden areas around the house, but only 3 raised beds, which are really for the vegetables. Some plants are in pots around the vegetable garden and it is these that seem to be doing best.

We planted  100 plus bulbs this early spring and now the gladiolus  are sprouting everywhere, but I am concerned they may not be getting enough sunlight to flower. However in other shaded areas the tiger lilies and day lilies will bloom with no effort. So I am hopeful.

I didn’t plant this and it didn’t bloom last year… so something made it happy! I am not sure of the variety either, but I like it.

It’s really a nice day to enjoy the front porch and just… sit.

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