Time Flies!

Goodness me, time has passed since my last post! I have been kind of in a mood as of late and feeling like there isn’t much to write about. I am trying to snap out of it… so let me catch you up on “events.”

It took two months for my insurance company to pay up from the robbery back in June. However, everything taken has been replaced. As well, I invested in a security system. Yay, another monthly bill!

I decided on a security system last month due to the fact I caught four men sneaking through the back garden. Two of them leaning up against the neighbor’s house acting all stealth like and the other two were coming up my back steps. I stepped out from the back porch and said quite loudly, “May I help you?” At this point the neighbor’s dogs went ballistic and the four guys took off.

A few people said to me they were probably giving me time to replace things and were coming back for a second hit. The thieves were not caught the last time so perhaps this is true, I don’t know. It really made me angry and brought back all those feeling of being violated and unsafe. This is why I now have a security system.

I live in a sleepy little town. The last homicide was over a decade ago, but poverty is high and apparently break-ins are common. Sigh.

My roommate’s cat recently passed away a few months ago. When she moved in I gave up the dining room so she could have a sitting room. The guest room is directly off the dining room so it gave her a private suite. This was done mainly because my two cats and her cat probably would not mix well together. Anyhow, now that my roommate’s cat is no longer with us we are opening the house back up and we will have a dining room again.

This has led to rearranging two other rooms. The front sitting room has now become the office area for both of us and the back room is now the media / sitting room. The house is a complete mess, but hopefully it will be put together come December.

I finally was able to get a greenhouse and it will be delivered sometime this week, possibly today! Last weekend I leveled the ground where the greenhouse will sit. The weather is starting to change quickly so the greenhouse will be arriving not a moment too soon. It is my intention to winter all the plants from the front porch inside the green house. Last year the plants struggled in the house and it also created a lot of clutter. I am hoping they will fare well in the greenhouse. Fingers crossed!

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