Small House Movement

The past few years I have been attracted to the small house movement. Are you familiar with it? If not, let me give you a brief description of what it is. Essentially you downsize and live much simpler than you do currently. It’s simpler due to owning fewer things. You end up with lower utility bills, lower taxes, lower mortgage, etc. In the end you save more money and life is less stressful.

I suppose the reason I am leaning more towards living in a small home is due to my finances and I don’t want to be burdened by a large mortgage for 30 years just because a bank would give me one. I feel that living smaller would provide me more financial freedom being that if I take a smaller mortgage rather than the maximum, I would have more to live comfortably.

This idea of downsizing and living smaller has been on my mind for a very long time and I am leaning towards going in this direction. My only problem is I am cursed with the love of things and the sense of grandeur a well-proportioned room may convey. How can I make this work? I don’t know. I am working on it though and I have found some rather interesting companies that build small houses and some of them are darn tiny, but fascinating.

Do I build or do I buy something already existing? Both options have pros and cons and it will take time to weigh the options. I need to take my time to plan and really decide where it is I want to be. I already know I want to stay in North Carolina even though we have a corrupt government in place. Its time is limited and eventually progress will be restored. I am a state employee and I have fairly good benefits such as an actual good old fashioned pension. What a rarity, right?

My hope is I’ll be able to transfer to UNC Asheville, but they rarely have open positions in the best of times. The next option is UNC Chapel Hill, but I have found positions there generally pay less than they do where I am at now which makes no sense since it’s triple the cost of living in Chapel Hill. Anyhow, I do know I don’t want to stay in eastern North Carolina.

However, at the same time I do realise some benefits to living in eastern North Carolina. For one thing it’s bloody cheap! Land is fairly inexpensive and so are homes. The only problem of building something outside a housing development is you never know if a trailer park is going to pop up next to you because there are no strict building regulations in the rural areas.  So you need to be able to afford several acres in order to shield yourself if you choose to live rurally.

I suppose all of these concerns are minor to the actual act of “downsizing!” I think this is the first thing I need to conquer.  So has anyone gone through downsizing or dream of it? I’m curious to hear about it.

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