Dreams, as in the real proper kind. The product of the subconscious while sleeping. I have not been remembering my dreams very much of late. I think I need to work on my chakra’s. Anyhow, there was a time I remembered them often and would write them down, but I have not in some time. This morning I decided when I do remember them I will post them here. Lucky you.

This morning I had a dream and I remembered! Here we go…

I was in a desert in a wonderfully appointed Bedouin tent with Emma Watson. She was dressed in a perfect Lawrence of Arabia-like costume and looking quite serious. She tosses me a shovel and says to me in a kind of Hermione bossy way; “We need to bury those immediately!” I look to my side and sitting there is a pallet of computers in unopened boxes, wrapped in plastic. As I turned back to speak to her I catch her dashing out the tent, into the desert sands and up a dune. I run out after her, but stop short of completely leaving the tent. I look up at her while she is looking back at me from high and I yell out to her; “I am not going out there, I’ll dehydrate!”

Then I woke up.

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