Small House Series – Two

Versaci! Russell Versaci! Remember this name. I stumbled across Russell Versaci Architecture and am now in love with their Pennywise designs of green, sustainable, factory made homes. I love classical design and he brings classical design to small homes.

The plan I am most attracted to is their simple cottage design, “Southern Piedmont.” It’s in the neoclassical style, which is my favourite. It is simplified, but still conveys the grace and formality I admire.

Southern Piedmont Cottage.
Southern Piedmont Cottage.
Rear and Front Elevations.
Rear and Front Elevation.
First and Second Floors.
First and Second Floor.


I could be quite content living in a home such as this.





There are other plans I like too. The next one I like is called “New Republic” and is Greek Revival in design. However, it is a one bedroom so I would need to have a guest cottage built on the property as well, which will definitely increase costs. The New Republic has the all important wrap around porch. We like our porches here in the South!

New Republic Cottage
New Republic Cottage
Front and Rear Elevation.
Front and Rear Elevation.
First and Second Floor.
First and Second Floor.





If you get a chance please visit Russell Versaci Architecture you won’t be disappointed! He has designs for much larger homes too.

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