Low Key Weekend

This weekend has been low-key for me. I’m kind of broke so I can’t finish certain projects in the garden or inside the house so I did what I could.

Messy area.
Messy area.

One project I worked on was cleaning up this messy area behind the greenhouse. It’s a pseudo compost area and catch-all of pots and half dead plants.

Another view of messy area.
Another view of messy area.

All kinds of plants and things were growing in this patch. I was able to rescue a squash plant that grew from the seeds of composted squash and, I believe some kind of gourd. As well I came a cross a snake, which sent me fleeing for a time and I discovered some rather large slugs. I wonder if they have been eating my banana pepper plants?

No longer messy!
No longer messy!

My plan for this patch is to cover it with landscape cloth and then place a layer of cypress mulch over it. The area will be used for a few potted ferns, which are currently in the fern bed and not doing too well. They are receiving too much light and starting to burn. It will also be used to regenerate half dead plants as the green house tends to be too warm for some in the summer. I was really happy to discover last years mum’s are doing well from sitting under the trees in this area so I know it will be a good area for seasonal plants.

After some debate I decided not to build a composter, but instead purchase one of those barrel kind that have a stand or legs to raise it up off the ground. This will keep the snakes, raccoons and other critters out of the compost. Also, it will be easier on the back when trying to shovel it out of the container.

I made a quick video of the garden for my mum so she could see how it’s progressing. I decided to post it here.

The other project I worked on was cleaning the carport. I really wish I had a garage, but I don’t. This carport doesn’t even have a proper floor. It’s just sand. It’s messy and the sand tracks everywhere… especially in my car. Since a carport has no doors the wind blows in and kicks it up as well as blowing in leaves. So occasionally I actually have to rake inside the carport.

Anyhow, I was able to toss out a bunch of stuff and organise. Since I replaced my old bookshelves in the library with newer shelves  I decided to reuse the old shelves in the carport and now they are full of containers I generally use in the greenhouse for the germination of seeds and bulbs.

Repurposed shelves.
Repurposed shelves.

Speaking of shelves… here are the finished shelves in the library. Yes, I finally finished them!

Finished shelves.
Finished shelves.

This sums up my weekend. I hope everyone had a good one!

4 thoughts on “Low Key Weekend

    1. Thank you! I have been working on the garden a little at a time. I think this year was the biggest in changes. The new bookshelves are really great. They are a foot taller and much wider than the old ones, but most of all they are sturdy.

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