When I moved to eastern North Carolina I felt as if I were going into exile. Sometimes I still feel this way. Anyhow, I painted my bedroom and dining room varying degrees of the color blue. I suppose it reflected my state of mind? I call it my blue period. Ha!

Blue was never my standard, but for some reason I went with it. I even have a blue car now! Realistically I have always been partial to earth tones and jewel tones. I can’t stand the dining room anymore so it’s time to redecorate it!

Dining room: "Panorama Blue."
Dining room: “Panorama Blue.”
Miss Nora-Grace prancing for y'all.
Miss Nora-Grace prancing for y’all.
Another view looking towards guest room.
Another view looking towards second bedroom.

These pictures are old and were taken when I had recently moved into the home. I had just finished painting the dining room walls “Panorama Blue.”  I am thinking of going with a red for the new colour and have been playing around with Sherwin-Williams “Color-Visualizer.”

It seem to me this visualizer thing is a bit off. You upload a picture of the room you wish to paint and then you add the colour. You will need to go in and remove paint from moldings, ceilings, etc. because it will practically paint everything. The image ends up looking like someone was painting while drunk! However, if you are patient  you can clean up the image fairly well and it does give you the appearance as if the room were painted the color you chose. That being said using a sharper image with a well lighted room the better your result will be. These images were taken on my old iPhone 3 so the images are grainy and this doesn’t help with the color application of the visualizer.

Practically every variation of red I applied looked awful. I am not sure if it’s the variables of the quality of the pictures and or the monitor I am using or perhaps the reds Sherwin-William’s currently offers aren’t all that good. When it comes down to it nothing beats painting a sample on the wall.

I did find one red I liked and it’s called Rookwood Dark Red (2801).  I went ahead and applied the colour using their “color-visualizer” and it doesn’t look too bad. I am not suggesting this will be the red I ultimately choose, but it’s a start.

Rookwood Dark Red.
Rookwood Dark Red.

dining room2 rookwood

dining room3 rookwood

Speaking of picture quality. The color is definitely off in the original pictures because the tiles that surround the fireplace are truly a red and not and orange brown. As well the foyer is a deep chocolate-brown and it appears kind of orange-ish in these pictures.

I’m looking forward to a warm dining room again.

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