August End

Can you believe August ends today? I think the month went by fast, but I do love autumn so I am looking forward to it.  Today I toiled in the garden. I weeded, dead headed, planted some pansy’s and pansy seeds in germination trays. The tomato plants are just about over with, but the jalapeño’s, pimento and banana pepper’s are still holding on.

There is quite a bit of flowering going on so I decided to share it with you.

A panorama of the long bed.
A panorama of the long bed.
Coreopsis "Centre Stage," Dragon Aster, Rudbeckia "Denver Daisy."
Coreopsis “Centre Stage,” Dragon Aster, Rudbeckia “Denver Daisy.”
Happy pansies!
Happy pansies!
The Mandevilla has reached the top of the obelisk and is covered in beautiful crimson flowers.
The Mandevilla has reached the top of the obelisk and is covered in beautiful crimson flowers.
Crosandra Marmalade Anaranjada.
Crosandra Marmalade Anaranjada.
Echinacea Pupurea "Prarie Splendor."
Echinacea Pupurea “Prarie Splendor.”
"Lollipop" Verbena Bonariensis.
“Lollipop” Verbena Bonariensis. Unfortunately it has a crazy fungus or mould thing going on.
Portulaca Oleracea.
Portulaca Oleracea.

This was the first year of having Thai Giant Elephant Ear. I have other elephant ear plants, but not this large. I have two plants. One each in a very large pot. The one near to the street has grown the largest I think because of the amount of light it receives. It shares the pot with variegated spider plants.  Once the first frost appears I will have to remove the bulb and place it in a container in the greenhouse. I need to remove the soil from the pot so it does not freeze, contract and expand. It will crack the pot otherwise.

Thai Giant Elephant Ear.
Thai Giant Elephant Ear.

One of the surprises I had with this plant is that it flowers! My other varieties have never done this so I was not expecting it. The flowers don’t last too long, but they are quite interesting. Both the Thai Giant Elephant Ear and Spider plant are heavy drinkers so I water them every day. Apparently they are both very happy.

Thais Giant Elephant Ear flowers.
Thai Giant Elephant Ear flowers.

I had many bees and butterflies all around me today while in the garden. Oh and gnats, can’t forget those things. Why do they always fly into my ears? I mean, really! I hope everyone had a nice August… here comes September!

2 thoughts on “August End

  1. GREAT PHOTOS!!! I forgot to bring my Thailand Giant with me to Missouri. GEEZ! It’s flowers are AWESOME! My Colocasia esculenta were HUGE in Mississippi and flowered profusely. Here, they look scrawny in comparison, and from the same bulbs!!!

  2. This is the first time I grew them. I have other “regular” varieties, but these are the most dramatic. After the first frost I will definitely be digging these out of their pots and placing them in the greenhouse.

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