Door of Doom
Door of Doom

That which lies behind this door is my nemesis! This is the door to the utility closet on the back porch. It is a complete mess and in utter chaos and I believe it probably is causing some imbalance in the universe and quite possibly effecting the Earths rotation.

Shear Terror!
Shear Terror!
Too much stuff!
Too much stuff!

I have been avoiding the attempt to clean this mess up, which is why I refer to it as my nemesis. I get frustrated with it. I actually attempted cleaning this up one time last year, but I gave up. Then what little I did accomplish was swallowed up yet again by an avalanche of stuff! The problem has been compounded by the inheritance of my brothers tools. He has quite a lot… and some of it I have no idea what it is for. Ha!

Anyhow, I can no longer ignore it so I decided now is the time to begin tackling this project. I have some left over wood from the construction of the raised garden beds and will use it to build some shelves so I can organize and make room. I wish I had a small shed in the back garden. It would be wonderful to store all of the garden tools in one of those, but currently this is not possible to buy or build one. I’ll just have to do my best with maximizing this small space.

This project is going to take quite some time. Sigh.

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