It has begun.

Painting the dining room.
Painting the dining room.

With Melissa’s tester out-of-the-way I have now begun to paint the dining room. It’s going to take a while since the color is so deep. I am afraid it will require at least three coats of paint. This weekend past I started cutting in along the moldings. I’ll have to do this two more times before I may break out the rollers for the walls.

I will need to finish patching nail holes this weekend and then prime the spots with the old paint, “Panorama Blue.” When I moved here from Savannah I considered myself in exile and was going through my blue period. I painted the dining room blue and my bedroom a sky blue. I normally go for earth tones and jewel tones so I am happy to be painting the dining room, “Cut Ruby.”

This color choice wasn’t the first choice, but I couldn’t get the one I wanted made in a flat base. Apparently it’s only available in a satin finish. I prefer flat base paint because you get true color since the paint absorbs light. Other paints with a sheen will reflect light and you get glare spots.

I think I must have visited four shops here in town trying to get the paint mixed and no one could do it! So I settled on the second selection from Lowe’s. However, they could only mix the paint using their most expensive base so I ended up spending more than anticipated. It’s okay though because I am happy to be getting this done and the paint base is flat, though they call it, “matte.”

This coming Friday I hope to get the cutting in completed and possibly start rolling the walls!

5 thoughts on “It has begun.

  1. That looks like it will be a great color! We now have a new living room ceiling and fresh paint in the living room and front sunroom.
    You need to come and visit

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