Painting is Finished

I am so happy to have finished painting the dining room. It ended up requiring three coats of paint, which meant I had to purchase another bucket of paint. Sigh, at $32 each… it was an expensive paint job! I am not too pleased with the finish either. I was told that “matte” was just another name for flat. I didn’t believe them when they told me this, but I held out a glimmer of hope. Only to discover the paint has a slight sheen, which annoys me to know end.

Painting a third coat. It's noticeably deeper.
Painting a third coat. It’s noticeably deeper.

The Persian has been laid! (heh, heh) The rug was sent to a cleaner many, many moons ago, but I kept it wrapped up all this time so it would be easier to move around while working on the room. The unveiling was very exciting.

A clean 80 year old rug!
A clean 80-year-old rug!

I was able to hang the mirror back over the fireplace. It seems to be getting heavier, but I really think I am just getting older. I started to put up the table, but I lost steam so this will have to be completed next weekend. Of course art work will follow… and then a party!

The dining table needs to be put together.
The dining table needs to be put together.

Please ignore the glass paneled door. This door leads to the guest bedroom. I have absolutely no idea why someone would have hung this door to a bedroom. It’s another annoyance (I have many). Under the back of the house are the original windows and some doors. I am almost tempted to see if there is a door I could replace this with. Since I don’t own the place I suppose I should try to ignore it. We shall see.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “Painting is Finished

  1. Now you have a great room! The walls and the rug are great together. It looks like a nice big space, too. The rooms in my old mansion in Mississippi were so HUGE, it made almost anything seem to small. Great job! Now for the artwork!

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