Busy Days

in a rush

My mother is visiting from Florida and it’s been busy having her here. Winter Solstice and Christmas has come and gone and we had a good time.

It’s odd seeing a parent age. She has her wits about her, but my gods that woman needs a hearing aid, but refuses to get one. She tells me I speak too softly. I am aware that I do, but I make an effort to speak loudly when talking with her. So much so that it feels unnatural so I know I am doing it. She listens to the television so very loud and she thinks it’s normal. I have watched other people talk to her and noticed my mother isn’t paying attention or she will act like she is listening and then later when the topic of the subject that was spoken of comes up again she will say she never heard it before. Ugh!

I have explained the home security system to her dozens of times, but she has managed to set it off twice. There is nothing like fleeing out of the bed whilst naked, grabbing a robe, running into a wall and then out to the kitchen to deactivate it!

The weather has been bizarre. We have had plenty of warm days and two days of 80 f. / 26 c. and I think this has affected some of the plants in the garden because my daffodils have sprouted and are forming buds! The temperature has dropped again so hopefully this will slow them down, but I fear they won’t make it to Spring if the weather can’t decide what it wants to do.

My roommate is in Florida visiting with her family, but will be returning after the new year and I will be driving my mother back to south Florida on the 2 or 3 of January. Oh, this should be interesting. A two-day journey… in the Pod with no music because music in a car makes her nervous. Sigh.  On the way back I will hopefully have time to stop in Savannah to visit with friends.

I hope everyone had nice holidays.

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