Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a nice evening last night. My mother and I went to a neighbor’s home for a while, but returned home about an hour before the clock struck twelve. She actually stayed up until midnight and had champagne with me, but promptly went to bed afterwards.

Who knows what this year shall bring in blogging adventures! I think it is safe to say there will be plenty of gardening posts for sure. Hopefully there will be  posts on a trip to the UK to visit with my dear one and posts about some new projects planned for the house. Who knows!

Ugh, the aftermath of the holiday’s is upon us. Today I will take down the outside decorations and hopefully some of the inside decorations, but there is a lot. We may be leaving for Florida tomorrow, but perhaps I should finish dismantling the decorations first before then so perhaps we leave the next day. I need to leave myself plenty of time to get there, stay awhile and then visit with friends in Savannah. I have to be back to work on the 13th… that’s going to be difficult in itself. Ha!

Recently I mentioned the weather has been warm and downright hot on a couple of days. I think it has confused some bulbs I planted in the autumn. At first I thought they may be daffodil’s, but I think they may be the Paperwhite Ziva, but then again they may be a Crocus. The leaf stalks look larger than a crocus, so right now I am going with the Ziva.

Paperwhite Ziva?
Paperwhite Ziva?

Whatever they may be, I think it’s too early. I do so hope they survive the winter. Our weather has been erratic and it does get cold in the evening. I assume since they have popped up now they won’t be around in the spring. Thankfully nothing else has sprung up.

I suppose I should get dressed and start taking down the decorations from outside. Sigh.

Happy new year!

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