Return Home and the Return of Routine

The Tar River, Tarboro, North Carolina.
The Tar River, Tarboro, North Carolina.

I have returned home, but arrived not feeling well. I spent what little time I had in Savannah in bed at a friend’s house. I had chills, slight fever and stomach issues. Needless to say I didn’t get to see anyone other than my friend Betsy, who was feeling about the same as me when I left. I figured it was best not to spread the ‘love’ to anyone else so I left Saturday afternoon.

There was a bit of drama driving home from Florida. I was on the motorway driving rather fast, but with practically everyone passing me still when all of a sudden the bonnet / hood flew up and smacked my windscreen. Apparently the latches broke. I slammed on my brakes as it slid back down and partially dragged under the front end of the car. There is a strap attached to the underside of the bonnet / hood that prevented it from flying away. I had to sacrifice a pair of shoe laces from my Converse so that I could tie the thing to the car, but it wasn’t enough. I then had to go to a shop and get tape. Yes, I taped my car! I feel so trashy.

So now I have to purchase new latches and a new bonnet / hood. This all comes in time for this year’s vehicle inspection in which I was already informed I need new rear tires. Oh, and a rock hit my windscreen and put a nice tiny crack for all to see. Sigh.

The greenhouse isn’t too green anymore. The extreme cold apparently killed most everything inside. It’s very sad and I was only able to have a quick look because I can’t deal with it right now. I’ll venture out there soon and take note of what has survived. Another… Sigh.

Today is back to the routine. The library was open for four hours, but I am there from 1 – 10. I was able to begin catching up on work and get prepared for Spring semester, which starts tomorrow.

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