Miss Tabitha.
Miss Tabitha.

I have been trying to wait patiently for Tabitha’s return. She has been at a veterinarian clinic all weekend going through kidney dialysis. There is a definite feeling that something is missing in the house. Sigh.

The doctor has told me she is doing fine. She is more active, seeking attention and she is eating a little bit. Apparently Tabitha doesn’t enjoy the new food she has to eat. She may be able to return home Monday. There will be a maintenance routine when she returns. I was told there is some type of hydro therapy I’ll need to apply to her belly area. I am fine with this as long as there aren’t any needles involved.

Also her new diet require a special type of food that contains fewer proteins so that her kidneys may process the nutrients. I am assuming Nora-Grace can’t eat any of this so keeping them from one another’s food may be a problem.

I really won’t know more until tomorrow, but it will be nice to have her back.

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