The Greatest Speech Ever Made

Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator."
Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator.”

If you don’t know anything about Charlie Chaplin you should research him. Many people today are put off by his “Hitler” mustache. You need to look beyond this stereotype. The mustache is known as a “toothbrush” mustache and was quite popular in the early twentieth century. It’s because of Hitler’s impact that it is now associated with him.

Charlie Chaplin originally wore this type of mustache because it would not cover his facial expressions. He was a silent film star first. In later years, he often parodied Hitler because he did not like him. The Great Dictator is one of those films, a comedy. However, his speech was not comedy and directed to all people to stand strong against fascism.

Personally I feel his speech speaks well today against the corporate destruction of democracy, the eroding of freedoms, religious interference, endless war and the consolidation of wealth by the few.

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