Possibility Takes Its Sweet Time

You know I am a rather patient person. In fact, I am known for patience as being one of the virtues I excel in or so I have been told. However, at this time… concerning a particular possibility I don’t have much of it at all. Funny how such things can turn you around.

I know patience is a virtue, but…

I want it now!
I want it now! (lol)

In other news we had some lovely weather this past weekend. Many of the daffodils are in full bloom and quite a few varieties of bulbs are starting to sprout in the beds. Also, a few Paperwhite Zivia’s are in bloom too.  I’m really looking forward to gardening season!

Daffodils in the garden,
Daffodils in the garden.
Paperwhite Zivia.
Paperwhite Zivia.

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