NASA Wants You To Choose

NASA's 2012 Z-1 Spacesuit.
NASA’s 2012 Z-1 Spacesuit.

I love space exploration and the possibilities it presents. I know many people feel it’s a waste of money, but I don’t think they realize many of the products we use in everyday life and many of our medical advances would not exist if it were not for space exploration. Also, the prospect of building a permanent settlement on the Moon or Mars is exciting! My personal feelings on what is a true waste of money is the obscene sums of money given to the military. Education of Art, Architecture, Agriculture, Music and Science is what makes a society and uplifts us. War brings us down to the lowest common denominator.  Okay… off my soapbox!

Anyhow, NASA would like for you to choose the next generation spacesuit! Apparently they have been researching several new designs which would provide better mobility for an astronaut. So they have opened the decision to a public vote. What you are truly voting on is the aesthetics of the design.

I voted on the “Biomimicry” design. I am partial to the subdued colours and the elegant glowing designs that are present, but not over done. Apparently though, the most popular design is “Technology.” The least popular is “Trends in Society.”

“Biomimicry.” (I love the tribute to Star Trek by the placement of a Starfleet uniform in the back of the glass case.)

Visit the Z-2 Spacesuit Design Vote webpage and take a look at the designs and then cast your vote!

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