Do You Believe?

X-Files: Mulder and Scully by Ravietta
X-Files: Mulder and Scully by Ravietta.

I will admit I am one of those people who believe in aliens… and I don’t mean the type from outside the country. I’ll lay out for you all here… I believe our species is a product of alien intervention via some great genetic “experiment.” To what I end, I know not. I believe we have been visited for thousands of years. There is so much evidence practically staring us in the face that it’s difficult to ignore.

There has been a concerted effort by the powers that be to hide the facts and deny the possibility, etc. However, it is getting harder and harder for the lid to be kept shut. I believe we are heading for a much-needed paradigm shift. Gods know, we need it!

I don’t intend on babbling too much about my reasons for this belief. All you need do is your own research. Basically start at the beginning with the earliest civilizations and their beliefs and descriptions of their gods and then observe the common themes running right up to modern times. Alien visitation is not a modern popular culture invention!

It’s difficult for me to understand why so many people still don’t believe in life other than our own. We tend to hear all kinds of reasons. It is said people will “freak” out or religion would be challenged and government would fall, etc. You know what? Bollocks! I really don’t care too much for religion. If it falls, so what. Government would adapt and guess what, so would religion for that matter. As for people freaking out, we will adapt too. The best way to cope is with information. People need to be informed and all will be well.

To me it’s an accepted fact and it hasn’t changed my life. I still dream, work, desire, etc. It’s just a known fact. Life goes on.

If you have time, I have embedded a wonderful documentary entitled, “The Day Before Disclosure.” It has to be the best documentary ever on the subject thus far.

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