Musings in the Garden

Dogwood tree in bloom.
Dogwood tree in bloom.

The garden is transforming almost everyday it seems. It’s wonderful to see everything growing a little bit everyday after such a long winter.

The weather has been rather warm, but then out of nowhere last night it dropped to 33 f. / 1 c.! I think tonight I will need to bring in some of the plants because they can’t tolerate such low temperatures. Sigh. Thankfully, the temperature is due to go right back up again starting tomorrow.

Lantana and Blue Daze.
Lantana and Blue Daze.
Lily Trees.
Lilium, “Lily Trees.”

This year the “Lily Trees” seem to be coming up rather hardy looking. I think they will do better this year and perhaps reach “tree” status. Lily Tree is truly a misleading term as most Orienpet’s reach a height of 4 feet or 1.2 metres and certainly isn’t a tree in stature. Apparently there are some varieties out there that will reach a height of 5 feet or 1.5 metres.

Tauron Saxafraga.
Tauron Saxifraga.

Some new planters have been added to the garden. This wonderful shaped pot is out front and filled with Tauron Saxifraga. Isn’t that a great name? I like to yell it out to unsuspecting strangers. Ha!

Another addition is a tall black glazed pot that has some lovely red Calla Lilies planted. This pot matches the shape of the blue pot with the yellow Calla Lilies on the front porch.

Red Calla Lily in a tall black glazed pot.
Red Calla Lily in a tall black glazed pot.
Close up of the red Calla lily.
Close up of the red Calla lily.








There are plans I have for the garden this year, but they are now on hold due to the possibility of moving. As of today my home loan has conditional approval so it looks as if things are moving along. I am now faced with the possibility of the daunting task of digging everything up and transporting them to the new home.

While this is very exciting I will need to figure how to keep everything alive and healthy during the transition. For now I know everything would be transplanted into every kind of container I can find, but once the move is complete I will need to come up with a temporary solution for the continued survival of the plants.

I believe I am going to take queue from Nancy J. Ondra over at Hayefield. When Nancy moved to her new home she brought all her plants with her to the new location. She built holding beds as place to keep her pants healthy. Then when she had completed designing and building her new beds she dug up the plants from the holding beds and planted them in their new location.

I am hoping I’ll be able to take up most of the raised beds and transport them to the new house and use them as holding beds while I design the garden. I would feel better having the plants in holding beds than having them in small containers long-term.

Wow, there is so much to do!

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