Everything is Fine!

*created by Applescruffgirl.
*created by Applescruffgirl.

The process of buying a home is long and laborious! I had the inspection done on the home last week and there were some surprises. Apparently the front porch has structural problems and a few other problems I feel should be addressed by the owner.

I received noticed the appraisal review was completed and the loan company has a list of a few things the owner needs to repair. Interestingly enough two of the items on the list is already on my list, but the third item I did not address. The lender requires all the peeling paint to be scraped and repainted.

This is something I intended on doing myself over time since I have a new colour scheme picked out. However, it is required to be done by the loan company before the sale can happen. So I had to forward this additional thing to the owner. I am not so sure he is going to be able to do all these things.

I also found out today that my landlord will be placing their house I rent on the market as soon as possible. Their Realtor telephoned me to set up an appointment for her to visit the house to make a market value assessment. On top of this my landlord is going to have the house repainted and already several painter types have been by literally walking through the garden. As in trampling the plants!

Ugh, I am trying to stay positive, but it’s difficult at times!

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