New Home

1914 Bungalow.
1914 Bungalow.

It’s official, I’m a homeowner! The closing was in the morning and only took about 45 minutes to complete.

I immediately visited the town hall and had the utilities changed over in my name and then met the previous owners at the house who then took me out for an early lunch. Wasn’t that nice of them? When we parted ways I went back to the house I am renting and celebrated with a glass of Cava. My roommate and friends FaceTimed me from Paris and we drank bubbly and talked about the house and of course, Paris. They are having an amazing time together.

After this I proceeded to the new house so I could change the locks. The cleaning people showed up around the time I began work on the front door lock. They are doing an amazing job with the cleaning. The inside is smelling fresh and beginning to sparkle!

Once the locks were completed I decided to cut the grass. The previous owner left me a brand new lawnmower! How great is that? They are really good people. By the end of the day I was exhausted so I came back to the house I am renting, showered and spent time with Nora-Grace. I am now finishing off a bottle of Cava and then off to bed.

It’s been a good day.

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