Blasé Holiday Decorating

The first Winter Solstice in the new house.
The first Winter Solstice in the new house.

This is the first Winter Solstice and Christmas in the new house. However, it’s going to be a low-key event as my mother has decided not to visit and Melissa will be travelling. As it turns out it is just Nora-Grace and myself.

My mother is feeling overwhelmed with going through her belongings and trying to get her home together to be put on the market. I can’t say I blame her as my house is still a mess and I haven’t found a place for everything and the dining room is still being painted. I suppose this will give me plenty of time to focus on projects and try to get the house in better shape for the time when my mum does move in.

At first I was considering not putting up holiday decorations, but then I decided I should. It is my favorite holiday time and I do love all the lights and ornaments. The first order of business was ordering a new tree because the older tree which I enjoy, once it is put up, is too much a hassle and honestly it is too wide.

The old tree would take me an entire weekend just to put it together and string the lights. I am over it! I decided to purchase a narrow 9′ pre-lighted tree.

The new tree.
The new tree.

The new tree is not the best, but I think it came together nicely and it fits the space. Though I do think it may be a little too narrow. I had some difficulty placing some of the larger ornaments and I left off quite a bit. I believe in future holidays I will place this tree in the dining room and try to find a slightly wider tree for the sitting room, but for now this works.

More sparkly!
More sparkly!

Is it me or have more people gone mad with the holiday decorating? I strive for a restrained elegant approach for Winter Solstice and Christmas, but it seems many strive for insanity. In the past few years I have seen more and more of those giant inflatable decorations displayed on porches, yards and rooftops and not only this, but the interiors are done up the same way.

I don’t mean simple trees in more than one room or decorations on a mantle. I am referring to model trains whipping around trees and traveling through one room to the next and chugging up stairs to the next level with large sheets of fluffy white batting placed on the floor to mimic snow on the ground, including the paths I needed to traverse through to go from one room to the next!

Meanwhile life-sized Mr. and Mrs. Claus automatons creepily moving their head and reaching their arms out towards me as I tried to get to the next room only to find large battery-powered elves waving at me from the chandelier above decked out in enough glittery garland the whole thing could burst into flames at any moment.

My recent reaction during a visit to an over decorated home.
My recent reaction during a visit to an over decorated home.

Please don’t take me the wrong way. I rather enjoy having decorations in many rooms throughout the house and at times I have had two or three trees. However, the home I witnessed recently is overwhelming and before anyone mentions children, there are none in this household. I wasn’t sure if I was visiting a department store or a holiday themed amusement park.

Sometimes too much is too much… and that my friends is my holiday, bah humbug rant for the day. I now descend from my soapbox.

2 thoughts on “Blasé Holiday Decorating

    1. The tree was a good find, thank you. The sitting room has many doors and windows with lots of white trim and of course a lot of light so I think the black walls works well. It doesn’t feel closed in at all. The black is called Tuxedo Tie. It has a slight amount of grey to it, which I don’t think you can see from the pictures. I love it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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