Greenhouse Alterations

ka garden thinking
At work… thinking of the garden.


Lately have been thinking about the new garden and all that needs to be done. Essentially, I’m all over the map when it comes to deciding what to do first. There is too much to do! However, this evening while at work I decided to focus on the greenhouse.

Who know’s what I will come up with tomorrow. Ha!


6' x 8' Starter Greenhouse.
6′ x 8′ Starter Greenhouse.

This little gem has been wonderful. It is a starter greenhouse. It’s not very good, but it’s not all that bad either. The frame is sturdy and made of aluminium. The window panels on the other hand is made of a type polycarbonate. They are actually sturdy, but the way they are held in the frame of the greenhouse is worthless. Each window is held in by a plastic strip that “snaps” into place, if you are lucky. The sun and weather have warped most of them that they no longer hold the window panels securely. Whenever the wind kicks up more than likely a window or two will blow out. I have had to take to using tank tape or duct tape to keep many of the panels in place this winter. I am not pleased.

What would please me is this…

The Portico from Gabriel Ash (
The Portico from Gabriel Ash (

Or this…

The Tudor style from Sturd-Built (
The Tudor style from Sturd-Built (

All this being said, I cannot build or purchase a new greenhouse at this time. There are many other matters that need to be addressed, like the new garden itself. So I came to the conclusion to make do with what I have, but I am going to alter the greenhouse to make it more useful and display a more permanent looking structure.

I am going to raise the height of the green house by 3 feet. At first I thought I would build a foundation and 3′ wall with brick, but then this makes the structure more permanent than I would prefer. Eventually, the structure will be replaced by something actually permanent and I don’t want to have to knock down a brick or stone foundation.

The structure needs to last at least 10 years so I will be raising the greenhouse up on a 3′ wall made of pressure treated wood. I will either use shingle siding or clapboard to finish it and paint it black to match the metal frame-work of the greenhouse structure. Since I will be cutting into the frame-work at the entry I will obviously need to construct a new door, which will probably operate on hinges instead of its current slide on a track method.

A quick sketch up the greenhouse alteration.
A quick sketch of the greenhouse alteration.

The above quick sketch is of how the greenhouse may look. Actually, it will look much better… and a little bigger. I squished it. Gods, I haven’t drawn in years. Don’t judge me!

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