Garden Planning

I have been having a tough time deciding on a plan for the back garden. I think the main problem for me has been the lay of the land, so to speak. Quite simply the yard is a mess. There are craters from trees that were removed long ago and large ruts from the roofer equipment. I want the entire yard to be graded, but I know it would be too expensive. So I will have to use my little cultivator the best I can to smooth out these… anomalies.

After going back and forth on design possibilities I believe I have finally come to a conclusion on what I want. I actually had the epiphany while on Pinterest. I came across this image…

Potager. Copyright to Everett H. Scott.
Potager. (Copyright to Everett H. Scott.)

The simple ‘X’ design works well with its paths leading you to the different areas of the garden as it expands. It also will make use entirely of the space between the cottage and future shed, which will eradicate all the grass in this area.

I took a photograph of the back garden from the upstairs bath so I could create a plan of sorts. I then did a quick drawing over it using Photoshop to present an idea of what it may look like.

The back garden from above.
The back garden from above.
Simple jardin potager design!
Simple jardin potager design!

First of all, don’t judge me on this drawing. I did it on the MacBook using the track pad and my finger! As you can see I think it will be larger than the inspiration photograph, but still cut into four quarters. The center will one day contain a wonderful fountain I have had my eye on for a while, but doesn’t fit the budget currently. So I will use the obelisk trellis we built a couple of years ago as the focal point until such time.

All of the beds will be mulched with pine straw because it is abundant and inexpensive. It’s also very easy to pick up and move when you need to plant something new or if you want to remove it permanently. The paths will be covered in landscape cloth and cypress mulch. One day it will be changed for pea gravel, but since I intend on eradicating all grass on the property, the cypress mulch is a more cost-effective solution.

As stated in the previous post the greenhouse is to be altered and moved to a location behind the cottage. In this area I hope to build a ‘maturing bed’ where I can tend to plants grown from seed in the greenhouse and then matured in the bed before being moved to a location elsewhere in the garden.

Also in the works is an arched trellis made out of ‘cattle fencing’ that will lead from the upper left path in the picture above, to the greenhouse in the back. There will be two 8′ long raised beds on either side of the arched trellis where vegetables such as squash, cucumber, gourds, pumpkins, etc are grown. It should be wonderful walking through this trellis tunnel on the way to the greenhouse with various vegetables dangling from above!

Arched trellis made from cattle fencing. (Imagine found on Pinterest.)
Arched trellis made from cattle fencing. (Imagine found on Pinterest.)

I should mention that while the back garden may be referred to as a potager, it’s not entirely a kitchen garden. It will be a mixed use garden of ornamental, vegetable and herbs. One day as the garden design expands to encompass the side and front of the house I may focus the back to be a true potager. As you can see there is much to do! Now, where do I begin?

2 thoughts on “Garden Planning

  1. I love how you did the picture and the drawing over it. I have to just imagine things in my head, this is a much better idea. I also love the trellis. It will be sturdy and a great way to grow climbing veges. My sister-in-law does her cucumbers that way and says it is the best. I need to figure out how to con my husband into making me something like that. Maybe cookies will have to be made. Haha. I look forward to seeing your results.

    1. I am happy with the drawing on the picture too because I have had such difficulty visualising how it would look. It also gives me an idea where to begin digging. Thanks for stopping by!

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