They Are Talking

A Mother tree.  (copyright: Piotr Skubisz)
A Mother tree. (copyright: Piotr Skubisz)

Something most people would agree on is the amazing sense of being one gets when visiting a forest. It’s alive. No, I mean, it IS ALIVE. They talk to one another in hushed tones. You know they do. Walk through a forest and you can almost hear it. Perhaps you have experienced it or perhaps you felt like you could, but brushed it off as nothing. It’s life force you are feeling and they communicate.

Professor Suzanne W. Simard is a professor at the University of British Columbia, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, where she and her team have been studying the communication of trees and how they share resources. It always wonderful to see science finding the truths that have been known by ancient cultures. Often these beliefs are brushed off as superstition. However, there is true wisdom, but not an understanding of it or it was lost through time and becomes myth.

It’s exciting to see a door open and to understand or have a glimpse of understanding of the dynamics of something. To understand the process… to give it a name. Or are we rediscovering?

Listen carefully... they whisper.  (found on
Listen carefully… they whisper. (found on

Here is a short video, “Mother Trees Connect the Forest” where Professor Simard is explaining how trees communicate through their forest floor network. It is fascinating. Perhaps by scientist like her and others they can open a door to better conservation of the biodiversity of our world. If more people would open their eyes and minds to what matters this planet would be healthier and so would we. Enjoy.

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