Potager Potted

The Potager
The Potager

The potager has finally taken shape… not exactly the symmetry I was after since it was done free-hand and without chalk lines, but it does look good and it has plenty of space for planting! A variety of vegetables, herbs and flowering plants have been planted with room for a little more. I feel each bed should fill out nicely in time.

Slowly the paths and the rest of the yard will be covered with landscape fabric, newsprint and Cypress mulch. I hope to eradicate all grass by summers end! Please excuse the look of the cottage. It is in dire need of paint and it is on the list of a thousand things to do, but right now I am focusing on the garden. So many of the original plants from the other house are still in pots from when we moved last year and we increased our amount of potted plants with new bulbs and seeds in early spring.

The next project on the list is the “Arc de Gourd.” What could this possibly be you ask? You will need to stay tuned. I may get to it this weekend, but I need to switch gears and focus on my mother’s room and sitting room. Her movers have already picked up her belongings and they are on their way. DON’T PANIC!

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