Adjusting and Settling In

It has been a week since I returned home with my mother. She is settling in and I am adjusting as I am certain she is as well.  IT’S NOT EASY! Oh… so sorry. I seemed to have lost it for a moment.

We are beginning to make progress in the sea of endless boxes. I was able to sort boxes containing holiday ornaments and move those upstairs to the store-room. I also managed to move more items to the cottage which we can go through at a later date. Most of her clothing has been unpacked or moved in to the store-room for seasonal storage.

It simply isn't done.All this work has opened up access to her sitting room where she has chosen a pastel color for the walls. Sigh… I have already had to deal with peach in her bedroom. I have no idea when I’ll get to paint her walls, but it has been put on the list of a thousand things.

She has decided to go with wall-to-wall carpeting for both her sitting room and bedroom. I am not fond of carpet, but I think it will be best for her as she has always had it and it will benefit her during the winter months. I believe installation is next Friday.

The contents of my library are still in the dining room and I have carved out a little niche where I may huddle with my computer, cat and a glass of wine. I don’t know for how long I will have to suffer this indignity, but I do so in silence so as not to upset mother. She seems to be a little on edge these days.

With all this activity on getting her settled the garden has been slightly neglected. The weather has been very hot and I have been watering, but the weeding is taking too long. I’ll go out around 7:30 once the potager is in full shade from the setting sun to weed a little, but then it goes dark before I can finish. A little at a time I suppose.

Honestly, the garden is nowhere as I had hoped it to be. I think I had chosen too much to do in one summer and it truly is overwhelming with everything else that is going on. The extreme heat doesn’t help either and whenever I do plan on digging a new bed it rains. When it’s not raining I am at work. It’s supposed to rain on Thursday and carry on and off through Sunday, which does not bode well for digging new beds. Hopefully it won’t be too much rain because I have to complete those beds because most of the plants are still in pots and they are not looking too healthy.

The front of the house looks ghastly. The landscapers leveled the ground and put in the new walk, but now the bare ground is growing every type of weed imaginable with random patches of grass. I had hoped to have the front beds and paths through the garden created by now.

Don’t get me started on the arbor and picket fence!

mind blown

2 thoughts on “Adjusting and Settling In

  1. Sometimes it is hard to realize we can only get so much done in a day. Like you, I sometimes feel like I bit off more than I can chew with gardening this year. I really wanted to get as many plants in as possible, because I know it will take a few years for them to mature into what I want, but weeding is a full time job! Hang in there- you are in good company!

  2. Yes, I know. It’s that ‘I want it all now syndrome’ that we all suffer from. I am working on it. It’s just that I have grown so many plants from bulb and seed as well there are plants that I brought from the other house that are still in pots. I need to get them in the ground so this is where my sense of urgency is coming from. I managed to complete one small bed in the front today, but now it is pouring so I won’t be able to work on another tomorrow. I’ll just move on to another project!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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