Garden Changes


potager panoramic 21-8-2015

There have been some big changes in the garden. Last weekend a portion of the utility area of the garden received a layer of mulch. It is nice to see a more completed look, but as usual there is plenty more to accomplish until the grass is completely eradicated. We also decorated with solar-powered Chinese lanterns and added more solar-powered lighting throughout the potager.

Thick layer of newsprint.
Thick layer of newsprint.
Add cypress mulch.
Add cypress mulch.







Please excuse the condition of the cottage. It had been neglected for over a decade. It truly is a work in progress and will be brilliant eventually. Oh, and ignore the poor umbrella in the background. It’s gone limp due to mother nature taking it on a journey.

Solar powered Chinese lanterns.
Solar powered Chinese lanterns.

I finally dealt with the side of the house where the drive is located. In front of the drive is a shaded area that needed some attention. Earlier this summer I had the landscapers leave a pile of dirt in this area for me to use to amend the new garden beds, but I had not used all of it. I did not realise this would create a dam and hold back drainage water from the HVAC and from rain so the area slowly turned into a bog of sorts.

I had to haul away most of the dirt to another location to allow the water to flow, but I left a small patch of dirt and created a new bed and lined it with old bricks. This area will be a shade garden and I have plenty of shade loving plants currently in pots awaiting a home! I then added cypress mulch to the area to unify it with the rest of the garden.

A new shade garden.
A new shade garden.
A wee bed.
A wee bed.







The new shed.
The new shed.

The shed arrived on Tuesday! The builder showed up promptly at 7:30 AM and got to work immediately. I am amazed that only one person was able to build it. It took most of the day to construct, but he was finished by 4:10 PM.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has changed the dynamics of the potager. It doesn’t feel boxed in, but there is definitely a new element to contend with. I do believe next season a few of the plants will be moved around due to the change in lighting, but I still need to observe how much of a shadow the shed casts throughout the day.

A few people have said I should keep the shed natural and not paint it, but this is not quite the look I am going for, but I do admit it looks good natural. However, it will be painted once the color is determined.

Speaking of paint colour, I have decided against the color scheme I had originally chosen for the cottage which was green. I have grown weary of the light green that is found on several houses around here including mine and the same green on the home I rented. In fact there is a Victorian home a few blocks up the road that is painted exactly the colors of green I originally chose for the cottage.

I have decided to paint the cottage walls “Cool Wave,” which is a blue and the trim will be a soft white called, “Chalk White.” Eventually the main house would be painted the same color, but I have no idea when this could happen as it looks to cost around $10,000 to $15,000 to have painted.

It’s interesting how “Blue Wave” changes under different conditions of lighting. I think this is one of things I like about this color.

“Cool Wave” under shade.
"Cool Wave" under indirect light.
“Cool Wave” under indirect light.







"Cool Wave" under direct light.
“Cool Wave” under direct light.
"Cool Wave" under early morning light.
“Cool Wave” under early morning light.








As you can see we are busy! This weekend I will be testing paint samples on the new shed and moving some items from the cottage into the shed and perhaps continue putting down cypress mulch. Can you believe the end of August is nigh? Next Monday the semester begins, the little heathens have returned and I return to evening hours!

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