Channeling my Muses

The Pavilion of the Mind
Communing with my muses in the Pavilion of the Mind.

The season is nearing an end. The potager is beginning to show changes. Work must be done and I must decide what to do next since much was not completed. What to do? I have retreated into the pavilion of the mind to commune with my muses. I shall return.


2 thoughts on “Channeling my Muses

  1. Often gardening in the mind is lots more fun than gardening for real. I am a great gardener in the winter when snow is on the ground. Right now, in reality, the cabbage loopers are getting the best of me!

    1. Yes, gardening in the mind allows me to instantly finish a project… without aches and pains! However, during winter I get moody because I cannot be out in the garden. Though I have plenty of other projects lined up for the coming season. Thanks for stopping by!

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