New garden shed.
New garden shed.

After three weeks of rain the sun made an appearance (if only for one day) and I finally have been able to go outside and work on some projects. The ground is too saturated to actually work in the garden itself (Oh, the weeds!), but I was able to put together the new garden shed this Friday past, with the help of my fabulous neighbor, Patti. She sacrificed a better part of her day and braved the mosquito’s and gnats to help me.

It wasn’t too difficult to put together with two people. The “foundation” is simply a base made of pressure treated wood that my roommate and I built three weeks ago. It is resting on bricks to raise it off the ground. The shed itself is made of vinyl and uses a series of locking snaps, brackets and screws. Before we put it together I had to finish clearing the area of bramble and I put up a simple reed fence to hide the crumbling fence and neighbor’s chain link fence behind it. I simply rolled out the fence and used a staple gun to attach it to parts of the existing crumbling wood fence.

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On Saturday it rained. Imagine that. However, it didn’t rain too hard and I made the best of it and was able to work inside the cottage where I dismantled the loft. The cottage used to be a workshop for the second owner of the home. He made furniture reproductions and did furniture repairs. Apparently a few of his pieces are in the Biltmore House. I intend on converting the cottage into my office/studio and the first thing that needs to be done to work towards this goal is remove the old storage loft so that I will have more head room.

Removal of plywood.
Opening up more space.
Opening up more space.

The entire thing came apart easier than expected and I was able to recycle the wood for my next project, which was creating a storage loft inside the tool shed…



I have left over wood from this project that I intend on using towards the construction of a work table or a table for the compound miter saw. I am not sure which, but it’s an excellent way to recycle materials from something that was taken down in another structure.

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