Bog of Despair No More

The Bog of Despair returns!
The Bog of Despair returns!

If you remember my post about the Bog of Despair you will know how problematic the area of the side of the house is for me to deal with. I finally was able to tackle this area and create a new bed as well as creating a new path that travels the length of the side of the house, connecting to the front of the house.

digging a new bed

The transformation began once the ground was dry, which took all the spring months. The bed was dug and is still being dug in stages. I placed the bed allowing enough space for a proper sized path to be created and room for a future picket fence that will run behind the bed and around the property.

Liberated plants!

The majority of  plants that went in the ground have been sitting in pots for two years since I bought this house. I know they must feel liberated from their confines. There is still more waiting to be planted, but I finally see an end to the various potted plants I have all over the place.

After some initial planting the new path was created using landscape fabric, edging bricks and Cypress mulch for its surface.

building the path1

building the path2
Melissa relaxes after a recent haul of edging bricks.

building the path4

On the day we worked on the new path it was very hot and the sun was strong, but we managed to finish building the path in a single day since we started somewhere around 8:00 in the morning.



Eventually I will continue the garden bed the length of the path on the left (picture above), but we have been having rain almost every day for two weeks now so the ground is saturated once again. On the right side of the path, close to the house I intend on planting decorative grasses and putting down a layer of pine straw.

One thing I have noticed about this area so far is the standing water of the bog of despair has not returned. I am hoping as the bed is expanded the full length of the path and a strong variety of plants is added over time their roots will absorb most of the standing water that tends to collect in this area. Time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Bog of Despair No More

  1. What an accomplishment. It looks so professional and besides the satisfaction of getting those plants out of the pots, you have to have added lots of value to your home. Good for you!!

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