End of Season

The weather here has been terribly hot and rainy, which made it rather miserable in the garden. When the days were agreeable I was at work and on the weekends it rained. Typical, no?

Removing the seasons vegetables and weeds… finally!

I never fully mulched the garden as intended and paid the price for not doing so. The rain and heat combined made weeds grow very rapidly and when I finally could get outside to deal with them I was confronted with a daunting task. Honestly, I must remember to mulch immediately when a new bed is created.

Here we are at the end of the season and I finally have all the beds mulched. I suppose better late than never. The kitchen garden has been weeded and mulched, it was quite a chore.

Last weekend I finally got to “glue” the bricks that are around the fountain bed. I used a product called “Liquid Nails.”  I had the intention on doing this when the bed was originally created, but of course never got to it. There is a local cat that comes by and likes to drink from the fountain. It would always knock a brick or two from its position and sometimes dirt would fall out.

Preparing the bricks to be “glued.”

I also decided to remove all the original plantings because it all looked a mess. The mint simply over took everything and then practically choked itself to death. The other plants didn’t have a chance in such a confined space. The wonderful border lilies did nicely, but once they bloomed all that was left was the greenery that slowly died back.

Bricks back up and “glued.” New Veronica plants added.

The fountain has seen better days. This is the second year that it had to be painted and it doesn’t hold up very well. This year the paint was peeling in a matter of 3 weeks. I decided because of this, I was justified to go to the expense and order a new fountain.

The new fountain… arrives Wednesday!

The new fountain is taller than the current fountain and obviously a more traditional design. I almost decided on a  modern design, but it too, like the current one, only provides the movement of water and very little sound. I wanted water movement and sound from the new fountain. I think this should be quite lovely while strolling the garden and also attract more birds.

Now that the weather is beginning to cool off I can start to plan and prepare for the next set of projects which are all in the back of the house. The plan is to keep working on the back before moving ahead to the front.

Some of the projects include:

  • Working on the exterior of the cottage (re-glaze window panes, scrape, sand and prime, paint entire structure).
  • Working on the exterior of the shed (prime and paint).
  • Finish mulching over all the remainder sod in the back garden.
  • Redesign utility bed into a full time ornamental bed.
  • Building a patio.
  • Clearing the growth out from under and around the magnolia trees.
  • Building a deck platform for the “Magnolia Pavilion” under the two large magnolia trees.
  • Install small picket fence section and arbor near the side of the cottage.

Since the transformation of the former bog of despair the water seems to go away much quicker. I know much of this has to be due to the plantings as this part of the ornamental gardens is doing the best. The plants are very healthy and much larger than elsewhere in the garden.

The former "Bog of Despair" bed is thriving.
The former “Bog of Despair” bed is thriving.
The Thai Giant Elephant Ear and Banana trees are doing wonderfully, as is the Coreopsis.
The Thai Giant Elephant Ear and Banana trees are doing wonderfully, as is the Coreopsis.

My neighbor, Patti, gave me seeds from her Crimson Star hibiscus early in the spring. I planted 36 seeds not expecting they would all germinate. They did! I gave plenty away to spread the love, so to speak. I planted three large clumps in the former bog bed and they are doing wonderfully and I expect next year they will be even taller and have more blooms. An interesting note on these hibiscus is that the leaves resemble cannabis so be prepared to hear someone say this to you a few times if you decide to grow them.

Crimson Star Hibiscus

At this time of the year my garden is mostly shades of greens. I don’t seem to have many plants flowering now, which is something I would like to change in time. Apparently, I have one day lily that is a re-bloomer/late bloomer. Just one, but it’s quite lovely.

The name escapes me at the moment, but it’s lovely just the same.

Until next time…



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