Stress… and bulbs!

2016 Election - Mind Blown
2016 Election – Mind Blown


… and this is all I am going to say about the election.


Among the many other stresses going on, perhaps a more mundane one is highlighted in my mind right now and perhaps, I actually can make a difference once I figure out what to do about it. The cottage renovation has been coming along. The window glazing project is complete, all 96 panes of glass are done!












However, since moving on to scraping and sanding the outside walls I have come to discover the material used as siding is quite awful. The planks are not real wood. They seem to be some kind of fiber board that is pressed together to form a plank. There is a protective coating on each plank that is then painted.

Dubious material.
Dubious material.

Since the cottage was neglected for over a decade various types of vines grew up the sides embedding their roots into the planks. When the vines were removed it pulled off some of the layers of protective coating. When the walls are scraped and sanded this further removes the peeling paint and protective coating.  In some places these planks are cracked and there are holes. Along the bottom, in some places, the board has disintegrated to a jagged surface.

A mess!
A mess!

Each time I scrape it and sand it more of the untreated planks show through. It’s like tiny little fibers sticking out and if you run your fingers over it they flake off and blow away in the wind. I have no idea how the planks will react to getting wet when primer and paint is applied. Replacing the siding is not an option at the moment so I have to continue on with preparations to prime and paint directly over it… and see what happens.

In other news; I kind of had a panic attack over the coming garden tour in May because I feel there aren’t enough plants so I ordered bulbs. Lot’s of bulbs. Apparently, close to 400. Oops. This weekend is going to be a bulb planting extravaganza!

Until next time… oh wait, one more thing:


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