Cottage Preparations and Spring has Sprung (again)!

After some bitter cold spring has returned, officially that is. We had been having some rather warm weather before the cold snap, but it was quickly squashed. We actually had a freezing temperatures several nights in a row.

Frozen solid!

The VegTrug with its cold frame did a good job on protecting the young vegetables, but the cold did zap the only tomato plant I had planted. Daffodils are in full swing and tulips are starting to bud. As well, lilies are growing vigorously.

VegTrug Coldframe.
Golden Pearl daffodil.
Prom Dress daffodil.
Firebrand daffodil.
Somerset grapes.

Recently I realized the potager design seemed a bit off. For whatever reason the largest bed in the kitchen garden runs smack up against the cottage and the other three are all separate which allows you access in all directions. At one time I did put a layer of much down in the back of the bed, but it was never formalized and eventually the mulch was absorbed into the bed. So it was decided to make it a more defined area by putting down landscape fabric and matching edging bricks to give the bed that finished look.

New path being created to separate the bed from the cottage.
Landscape fabric and newsprint were both used to help keep weeds out.
Finished path.

Work on the cottage continues with preparing the exterior walls. I managed to fill in many scrapes and holes in the fiberboard. I was able to replace a broken piece of molding at the peak of the roof and then scrape and sand the upper portion all the way around the structure.

Final dead vine removal!

I am nearing the point where I may begin to prime the entire structure, which is very exciting. It has been annoyance for a very long time. In fact, the last time the structure had been painted was when it was constructed in the early 1970’s! This property sat vacant for over a decade before it was rescued and the previous owner saved the cottage by pulling off all the vines that had covered and engulfed the cottage, which is why it is in the current condition.

A local hardware shop had a sale on paint. You got one gallon free if you purchased two gallons, so I purchased 4 gallons and got 2 free of the wall color. I’m not sure if 6 gallons of paint will be enough, but it is a start!

Until next time…

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