Flowers and Cottage Blossoming

It is nice to see the garden  fill out and develop the lushness gardeners seek. Many of the plantings in the former Bog of Despair area are filling out incredibly that I need to start moving things, but I have no place to move them to at the moment. I am feeling a sense of urgency to start work on the front beds, but this is still a distant dream at the moment.

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Cottage of Doom

Another gem starting to blossom is the cottage. I have waited 3 years for this to happen! The entire structure has finally been primed and is now ready for the final paint job. Painting under the large eaves was the most awkward and slightly painful part of the process. My shoulders and neck are in pain! Anyhow, it is worth the trouble because even though it is only primer the cottage looks clean and uniform. It glows and simply looks 100% better right now.

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Weather permitting, next weekend I will begin to paint the eaves with “Delicate white” and move on to “Green tea leaf” for the walls and finally “Knights armor” for the door, window sashes and accent. Then finally, back to the “Delicate white” for the remainder trim.

Until next time…

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