Happy Summer Solstice!

Photo courtesy, Farmer’s Almanac 2016

Progress on the cottage has come to a stop at the moment due to the persistent rain that has been going on and off for over a week. Sometimes the sun manages to make an appearance, but the humidity is too high to paint. The rain doesn’t stop long enough for the ground to dry out so there isn’t much that can be done in the garden either. It appears it will continue to rain until next week and there is a tropical storm heading for Louisiana which will eventually drive rain this way again. Joy!

Primed and waiting.

With all the rain the weeds have sprung up out of nowhere! These aren’t little weeds either. They. Are. HUGE! However, with the ground being wet most of them come up easily so I pull a few when I come home from work during the week. At this rate I’ll never get it done.

The garden is progressing nicely because of the rain so it isn’t all bad. I had two pumpkin seeds germinate out of 12 this year. The seeds were from the previous year. For the first time I may actually get a pumpkin. This year I planted them in a different spot in the kitchen garden and the vines have grown healthy… and aggressive. One of the vines has all already split into 3 vines! Even if I don’t get any pumpkins it is exciting to see the large deep green leaves on these wonderful vines.

Pumpkin vine.

One area of improvement that is needed is keeping better track of names of the plants. I already have a difficult time with botanical names, but the common name should not be a problem. Many of my nameplates have faded beyond being legible and the only means of finding the names is to go through the many order slips, but they are in a box somewhere in the cottage and not accessible at this time. Actually, much of my life is in a box… in the cottage and not accessible. Sigh.

I would say the garden is shaping up nicely this season.

Until next time…

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