End of Season

Where have I been? I have no idea, but sometimes life tends to get in the way.

In the spring the garden did rather well, but by summer the weather turned so hot that most of the vegetables withered and died. Some of the flowering plants also suffered, but nowhere near as bad as the vegetables. This was the second year of a disappointing vegetable crop and so I have decided to do away with the kitchen garden concept.

Next season I will grow a few vegetables I found to be successful in the VegTrug and various containers. I will transform the former kitchen garden beds into a flowering garden. The herb bed shall remain because these plants are doing fine, but the other 3 beds have become a new pallet! Hopefully with some hard work and … glitter it will grow to be amazing!

Garden Magic… or something. 

The garden bed along the side of the house has filled out nicely this season. So much so that I need to thin it out and since I will be turning the kitchen garden into flowering beds I will relocate these plants there. As well there will be plenty of room for more additions, which is very exciting. Speaking of, I recently purchase a Kosteletzkya virginica ‘ACE Basin’ or ACE Basin Sea Shore Mallow and have planted it in the former kitchen garden already. This particular Mallow was found in the confluence of the Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto river basin in South Carolina, hence the acronym ‘ACE Basin.’

Kosteletskya virginica ‘ACE Basin’

The other decision I made concerning edible plants is to do away with the Somerset grape vines and apple trees. My reason for this is because there are too many squirrels and birds to contend with. We had the beginnings of fruit, but the wild life got to everything and there was nothing left. This happened even after covering the plants with netting.

Now that the weather is beginning to cool I can begin to prepare for many of the projects planned for the autumn. I still need to finish the cottage. The painting project had been delayed due to the heat and consistent high humidity. There is also the “Magnolia Pavilion” to put together, paint the tool shed and put up the picket fence. I’m sure there will be more, but I can’t think of them at the moment.

Last weekend I finished building a potting table. It’s something I have wanted for a while. I recycled an old work table that was given me some time ago. The table had been inside the cottage, but the plans I have for the interior of the cottage doesn’t allow space for it. I did not want to get rid of the table so I decided to turn it into a potting table. The only change I made to the table is adding a lean-to roof. It simply rests on the table top and is bracketed to keep it attached. I installed tin to the roof and made a shelf on the back wall portion so to hold watering cans. I attached metal brackets under its legs so to keep it elevated from the ground to keep the wood from rotting and the legs are resting on bricks inset into the mulch. I then painted the whole thing the same color as the cottage.

An old work table given to me.
Constructing the roof piece.
The new potting table.

Until next time…

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