The weather here in eastern North Carolina has been unusually cold or actually freezing… and consistently so. As a rule we generally do not receive much snow, but we have had two blankets of snow so far. When it does snow everything shuts down and people go into panic mode. I understand people from snowy climates find this amusing and rightfully so, but we can’t deal with… and honestly, you don’t want us on the roads! Trust me. Anyhow, after our second snow has come and gone it appears we are returning to our average temperatures with today being 66F (18C).

Me in the garden.

I spent some time examining the garden. I’m worried about many of the plants because they have never been dormant through such extreme cold for long periods of time. Usually there are some bits of greenery, but now there is only brown. In fact my Rosemary has never turned this brown. Is it dead? Should I cut it down to the ground? Will it come back?

Is my Rosemary dead?

The whole weather thing is making me moody, but I try to stay focused on preparations for spring time. The landscaper is lined up for some time in March, but I come to realize my budget is for the most part depleted and probably not enough for all the plantings I wish to have. I have perennials I will relocate from the side of the house to the new front beds, but there will be a lot of empty space. This is how annuals will come in, which will give me more time to save for perennials and to make certain I am getting my design right with the correct plants.

The greenhouse continues its decline. Since the weather was comfortable I cleaned it out and got set up for the winter as a sun room of sorts. I also washed the windows on the outside since they seemed to have developed a coating of algae.  As well, I had to glue two window panels back into place and secure a couple of other places too. I’m going to squeeze as much life out of it as I can!

Greenhouse window cleaning!

The fountain has been a huge disappointment and is disintegrating fast. Yes, this is the fountain that was only purchased in October 2016! I knew deep down I should have purchased a more expensive stone fountain so a few weeks ago I made the expensive decision to purchase a cement and cast stone fountain to replace the fibreglass mess I currently have.

Peeling and chipped paint finish.

This time I decided to go with a fountain that is more Zen like in appearance and is quiet. The first fountain was like this too. The water simply comes from the top and flows down the side, creating shimmering movement opposed to splashing and splattering water sounds the current one makes. The current fountain splashes much of its water on to the ground and plants below and then the plants burn in the sunlight from the water during mid-day. Another problem with the fountain is the paint finish. It is peeling off and breaking down into bits that end up inside the bellies of birds, squirrels and the local cats that drink from it. I cannot have this so I feel justified in purchase a new fountain.

The new fountain is 5 feet tall and once placed in the fountain bed it will stand 5 ½ feet tall! It truly will have presence in the garden. I almost feel that it may be too much, but I am going for it.

The new fountain.

That’s it for now. Until next time…

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