Garden Expansion

It has been a busy month! The landscapers came and went and I had begun to plant almost immediately and quickly because I had many plants to transplant before it was too late, but there are some that will have to wait until after the season due to them developing buds. I had to go to Florida on an emergency for almost two weeks… and this drama is still lingering causing a fair amount of stress, which I will not get into here.

As I stated once the landscapers cleared the grass and installed their wonder edging along the sidewalk I could begin…


This property, as I have mentioned in the past, has a water problem being that the ground stays wet for weeks after any rain. In fact, in some areas it will be damp for months. However, the front of the property is a bit dryer so I am interested in seeing how the plants grow in these conditions. The wettest area of the front is directly in front of the house on the right, if facing the house. For most of my garden I rarely have to water, which is a blessing at times. I may find myself having to water more in the front.

The dirt is not in the best condition. It mostly made of compacted clay which I have had to amend. This time I used the original cypress mulch on the paths to mix in to the new beds. The mulch had broken down so nicely that it enriched the beds as well as helped break up the dried up clay baking in the sun.

The original paths were removed and replaced going further out into the front yard. This allowed for the original beds on either side of the front steps to be expanded allowing for more depth. A matching arbor to the one on the side of the house was installed over the front walk and 16 gardenia’s were planted along the front near to the sidewalk in the hopes that one day they would form a hedge.

I had many plants waiting in and around the greenhouse to be planted and there were plenty to be transplanted from the side of the house, but I could not transplant everything I had intended as it was too late now they are budding or blooming. This process will have to wait until the end of the season.

Now that the front beds are for the most part completed I can turn my attention to cleaning up the side bed and the garden behind the house as it has been neglected while working on the front. Though everything is filling out nicely!

I now leave you with another photograph in this overly photographic post of this lovely ‘Eyeliner Lily.’

Until next time…


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