Facebook No More

Today I finally ‘deleted’ my Facebook account! There is an option to back-up your data to a device so you may keep photos, posts, etc. to pick through later if you would like.

However, Facebook does not let you delete, but rather “Deactivate” your account. If there is a delete option, I have not found it. Apparently, you may select an option to delete your account once you die. Even then you must select this option now… before you die. OH MY GODs, so much stupidity!

When you go through the process it will ask you to select reasons for deactivating your account or you may type in your reason which is what I did. I think I expressed exactly how I feel.

“I do not find Facebook useful and have not been using it lately. I have also found this social experiment to be stressful and not helpful to our communities and society. I feel it was a great idea in its infancy, but it appears to have morphed into something almost sinister or at least, detrimental to my wellbeing.”

 If anyone cares they will find me here on my blog and if they have a question they may speak to me directly or send me an email. I think this is fair. I may venture into Instagram and I will continue to be there on Pinterest, but I really do not have any interest in what my 268 ‘friends’ have had for dinner or if they just returned from a gym and are now going to eat a bean for lunch or what irritating political meme they may come up with, etcetera.


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