A Quick Update on an Endless Project

I have not been posting lately because all I have been doing is working on the inside of the cottage and it truly is not all that interesting. It has turned out to be an endless project and I am still working on the ceiling! However, the walls are patched and the crown moulding repaired.

The garden continues to suffer from neglect. I cannot believe I let it get so out of control this season, but I have no help to maintain it and the cottage project must be completed by the end of November. I knew this was going to happen and made the conscious decision to let it go wild. It is the only way I can complete this project, but it does bother me.

I have been very pleased with how well the banana trees have done this season. They have grown quite tall this year and I have to say that ‘caging’ them last winter season made a difference. However, there is a hurricane headed our way and I know it will obliterate the banana trees, which saddens me. Some hurricane preparations have been done in the garden, but I have more to do. My sunflowers are near blooming, but I fear the storm will destroy them too. I hope to place plenty of tall stakes around the plant and use twine to encircle the plant to help keep it upright. Fingers crossed.

As of noon today the University sent home students and is closing campus except for staff. We must remain here and keep the library open… for the students they sent home.

Until next time…

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