Another Cottage Update

I believe most of the large projects have been completed on the inside. The walls, ceiling and trim has been painted. I installed the flooring and began to install new shoe moulding, but there is a little more to complete because I had to install the heater first before I could complete the shoe moulding. I will need to paint the shoe moulding next, but this should not take too long to complete.

I did roll out the rug and placed some furnishings roughly where they will be so I could have a sense of space. Though I will have to pull items from the wall again because I am installing new electric outlets and plates as the old ones are hideous.

Good to see my old rug again. (This image was taken on a panoramic setting, which is why the ceiling fan looks like a Dementor.)

The new heater works brilliantly. I installed it last night and gave it a test. All appears to be working and no leaks. I believe I may only run the gas heater when I am inside the cottage and when I am not, I will continue to use an electric heater. I have never used a gas heater like the one I installed so I am not sure how I feel about leaving it on all the time.

During the next few weeks I will need to scrape the windows clean of paint and make certain the windows open freely. I am also planning on constructing shelving to go against one wall, under and between two windows. Hopefully by the end of the month I can clear out the dining room of all the boxes that have been stored in there since the summer!

Until next time…

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