Garden Neglect

I have been a bad gardener. I admit it! Even though I planned this neglect and knew of the consequences, it makes me very anxious to see how things are now and the extra work I have created for myself as a result of the neglect. The whole bloody thing is just so sad.

However, now that most of the cottage is complete I can shift my focus back to the garden. Even though it is winter there is much that can be done and many little projects that must be done, weather permitting, to be ready for spring. There is a sense of urgency because another Garden Symposium will be held this year and my garden is on the tour again.

To Do List:

  • Weed, weed, weed.
  • Prune back dead growth from last season.
  • Finish edging in front beds.
  • More weeding.
  • Install and paint picket fence on either side of house.
  • Finish painting cottage exterior.
  • Paint at least one wall of the tool shed so the paint sample that has been there for 2 years is gone.
  • Weed some more.
  • Rake up all the annoying magnolia seed pods.
  • New Cypress mulch on all paths.
  • New compost mulch in back beds.
  • More weeding.

The weather has been a yo-yo of warm and cold which as tricked some plants to start growing. I do have some early blooming daffodils, but too many others have sprung up. As well, many of the daylily’s and even my banana trees are starting to produce leaves! Unfortunately, we are going to have cold weather beginning tonight and I expect some of these plants will not fair well.

On a positive note, the caging of the banana trees seemed to have worked again since there is a leaf already coming out from the pine straw cage it shows that a pseudostem has survived which means the banana trees should be extra tall this year!

Until next time…


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