Firebrand daffodil, from the garden. 18/3-2020

I believe I may be willing to give this blog another go. I disappeared because there was too much going on last year. It’s been kind of endless and now the pandemic. Crazy stuff.

My sister passed away this past October. I am now the last of my mother’s children and while she seems to be handling it fairly well… at night I can hear that she is not. My mother had some medical problems that flared up around the time of my sisters death and I believe she is on borrowed time due to recent developments concerning some medications she can no longer take because of said medical problems. This means her risk of stroke has gone up. Doctors have offered a solution, but it truly does not raise her chances that much more than without it. This is because of her age. She is 87 and will be 88 in June.

I managed to get the condo my mother owned in Florida that my sister was living in sold a couple months ago. It was quite a mess and quite a chore, but it is done and it is a relief now that it is gone. This has allowed my mother some peace of mind, which she sorely needs.

My sweet wonderful four legged child, Nora-Grace has her health in decline. She has kidney failure now and is on a special diet and medications. I almost lost her a couple months ago, but through force feeding from an experienced neighbour and intervention from her veterinarian she has rebounded, but she is not the same. I cannot seem to get her to gain weight. Sometimes she looks so emaciated. I am greatly saddened by it and I need to remind myself daily that she is here in the now and I do not need to think of what is inevitable. All most 15 years ago I found her abandoned in the grass. She was just a wee thing and she still had an umbilical cord attached to her. I raised her from a bottle and our bond is uncannily strong. I am mother and father. We are best of friends. It will be difficult.

As you can see there is still a lot happening. However, we need to keep moving forward, right? I am not sure how much I will blog. Before all the personal drama ensued in my life last year I had become rather indifferent to blogging and I had to walk away.

There is much going on with inside house projects and garden projects. Actually, too many projects all at once! It has been said I need to prioritize my projects, but I cannot do this. They are like pretty shinny things that sparkle. “Oh, look at that!” There is a need to work on this or that at the moment because the inspiration is there. Often it is due to weather or I am waiting on a part or another person, etc. So I keep going on to another, which means my projects are long and drawn out.

A while back I started reworking the butlers pantry and still, it is not done. However, one of the major things that need to be done is the painting of 16 cabinet doors, which can only be done outside. The weather has not been warm enough or dry enough for such endeavor. The same goes for other bits pertaining to this project. So it sits there and while it sits there I go on to other projects that I can work on. This process continues and  all of a sudden… I have too many projects!

I guess I do have much to blog about.

Until next time…

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