This is my personal blog that covers my interests, observations, musings and whatever else comes my way. It is a tool for my friends to keep up with my life since we all seem to be in opposite directions these days.

I have a passion for gardening that has truly grown in the past decade and so many of my posts may be disproportionately about the development my garden. So many plants, so little time!

As for me, I live in eastern North Carolina and work for a local university in library services and have a degree in the fine arts, with a concentration in Painting and Art History. I also have a graphic arts background and once had an interior decorating business.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I remember our blogging days very well and am happy you’ve begun again. Mine is limping along. Great to see you in a venue other than FB again.

  2. Don’t worry so much about feeling blasé about the house and all. I always find the thing I think is going to change my life rarely really does. Human nature. Maybe your looking to the wrong things? Not to get too serious here. Anyway I think your house is fab and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll do! And thanks so much for following

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